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Adhesive Graphic Kit Camouflage Camouflage Check Check Ped de Poule Ped de Poule Stripes Stripes Triangle Triangle Wood Wood
Tompoma Model, where to apply the ADHESIVE GRAPHIC KIT Zeda Model Faiè Model Proman Model Spider and Lion
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60 EURO per pair (ADHESIVE GRAPHIC KITS are not sold individually).

The ADHESIVE GRAPHIC KITS are the solution to customising your Tompoma according to your taste. Easy to apply, they are supplied in pairs, in pre-cut pieces.
Watch the video to discover the simplicity with which they are applied. The Tompoma are not supplied already coated, as it is necessary to first adjust them millimetrically, and then apply the coating. We recommend using the Tompoma for a few days, in order to find the most suitable adjustment for you, and then proceeding with customisation.
The ADHESIVE GRAPHIC KITS are scratch-resistant, water-resistant and UV-resistant, as well as beautiful.When the coating is removed, it does NOT leave residue on the rods, which can be recoated with a new film.

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Adhesive Graphic Kit

Camouflage, Check, Ped de Poule, Stripes, Triangle, Wood

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