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TOMPOMA TITANIO is the original model, where it all started. Titanium is a prestigious metal and very difficult to work, and this model is an example of the finest craftsmanship. The grip and the cuff can be trimmed in leather and when you
contact us to place your order, your TOMPOMA TITANIO will be assembled to your personal specifications. This model may be customised with the exclusive range of
Tompoma adhesive skins. The aluminium snowshoes, to be fitted in place of the rubber
tips, are indispensable accessories designed to facilitate walking on snow.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

• Weight 770 g
• Certified to 150 kg
• Micro-adjustable
• Both the length of the lower tube and the height of the cuff are adjustable
• The grip is bound with EVA, cork tape or leather
• Assembled with Ø 25,4 mm tubes
• Available in two colours: grey and orange
• Can “wear” all the adhesive skins
• Can be fitted with the snowshoe accessory.

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