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TOMPOMA FAIÉ is the lightest of our adult models and like all Tompomas is highly customizable. The exposed welding on the grip reveals the fine craftsmanship that goes into every Tompoma. Three different tube colours are offered: grey, orange and blue.
TOMPOMA FAIÉ is fully adjustable above and below the grip, with clamps and hex bolts allowing the length of the upper and lower tubes to be easily matched to the user’s height. An articulated cuff is also available. This model may be customized with the exclusive range of Tompoma adhesive skins.
The aluminium snowshoes, to be fitted in place of the rubber tips, are indispensable accessories designed to facilitate walking on snow.

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Blue, Grey, Orange

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

• Weight 695 g
• Certified to 150 kg
• Micro-adjustable
• Both the length of the lower tube and the height of the cuff are adjustable
• The grip is bound with EVA or cork tape
• Assembled with Ø 24 mm tubes
• Available in three colours
• Can “wear” all the adhesive skins
• Can be fitted with the articulated cuff
• Can be fitted with the snowshoe accessory.

Special needs info

Special needs info

ARTICULATED CUFF: articulated forearm rest, to have hands free without having to rest the Tompoma. It is mounted in place of the upper tube.
LONG TUBE: Lower tube longer than the standard. Ideal for people over 185 cm tall.
CORK BAND: tape for coating the grip, used by cyclists, for a handle with a smaller diameter than the Eva handle.

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